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6 Latest Pictures of Maryam Yahaya After Recovering From Sickness

Maryam Yahaya

6 Latest Pictures of Maryam Yahaya After Recovering From Sickness. The beautiful actress has been sick shortly after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine. Maryam Yahaya is one of the star actresses creating waves at the Hausa entertaiment industry. She is loved by majority within and outside Nigeria. The actress has been inflicted by a sickness but is recuperating. See Maryam Yahaya latest post sickness pictures.

What Type of Sickness is Maryam Yahaya Suffering


There had been rumours about the exact sickness that has infected the actress. Rumours that it that rivals and enemies of the beautiful actress have used African black magic to inflict her. In fact the rumours also stated that she was spiritually not stable. Sympathesers and fans were moved by the rumours. Prayers were being offered to the actress to solve the mystery and illment.

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Firstly, it was the actress mother that came out to address the rumour. She did that through BBC Hausa. According to Maryam Yahaya’s mother, her daughter wasn’t suffering from any black magic or spiritual issues. She went on to say that it was Typhoid and Malaria fever. Even Maryam Yahaya also granted an interview to BBC Hausa. She also stated that she was suffering from the same sickness her mother had stated.


Maryam Yahaya Careless With Her Health?

Maryam Yahaya can be said to have been careless with her health owing to how the sickness had greatly affected her. The actress body has deteriorated to half her body size. Furthermore, Maryam Yahaya’s look bony and skinny. The actress has gone down to be looking unrecognizable. Miss Maryam is looking totally unregonizable. In conclusion she might have been careless with her health and not undergoing medical checkups.

Medical checkup are very important in making us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Regular medical checkups can save life. Many people have survived life threatening diseases, simple because they go for regular medical checkup. Had it been Maryam Yahaya was regularly checking her body, the effect of the typhoid fever might have been mild and controllable.

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Maryam Yahaya Might Be Hiding Her Real Sickness After Latest Pictures Surfaced?

Since Maryam Yahaya’s post sickness pictures surfaced online, there had been deliberations on whether it was Typhoid fever as revealed by the actress. Whether typhoid or no typhoid, we are wishing for the quick recovery of the actress. Hence we wish Maryam Yahaya a speedy recovery. Although the she has predicted to be back on stage after a month, months have still gone by with no fixed date of her return.

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Fans Missing and Anxious of Maryam Yahaya’s Return To The Stage?

Indeed, fans are missing Maryam Yahaya’s excellent acting skills. She had added glamour to the Hausa entertaiment industry. Furthermore, fans have continue to voice their best wishes to the actress for her return to the stage. In addition to that, the fans maintained that they missed the act she put in the film Mansoor and in Maryam. They more of her presence in the future.

5 Latest Pictures of Maryam Yahaya After Recovering From Sickness

Checkout these 6 latest pictures of Maryam after her recovery. The actress has remained ever young and beautiful. Although her body has emaciated. But she still remain naturally beautiful. See pictures.

What are your views about the recent pictures of Maryam Yahaya? Do you think she fit to go back to the stage?Share your views by commenting below. Don’t forget to like and share the article to increase our reach.

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