5 Ways To Reduce Your Website Bounce Rate

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Bounce rate is surely a big problem to website owners. This is because google only count pages views based on the number of times a visitor goes through your home page to view other pages. Bounce rate can be very disturbing to bloggers. Since it can reduce your visibility on search engines. 

What is a Bounce Rate

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A bounce rate can be define as the percentage of blog total website visitors who log in and leave after viewing only a single page. In addition to that bounce rate is expressed as a percentage. It can be calculated by taking the total one-page visit and divide it by the website’s total number of visitor entries.

For bounce rate to reduce, the website owner has to consider many changes. Bounce rate can be viewed through Google analytics dashboard. Pages that also causes the bounce rate can also be viewed and reviewed. Hence effective changes made to improve search engine optimization and rankings.

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How Negative Bounce Rate Affects Website Performance

Furthermore ,a bounce rate can be positive, negative or optimum. A negative bounce rate means the website will have less visitors wanting to visit the website. In addition to that, it also indicates that visitors will not have the interest to go into the website. And even click on other articles that might interest them. A range between 56-70% is considered to be high. It also pose a negative effect on the website.

Effects of Positive Bounce Rate on a Website

Furthermore, A positive bounce rate should be between the average percentage. Hence that means a bounce rate that lies around 41-55%is positive. This indicates that atleast half of the visitors were able to find something interesting in the blog that made them to have a tour of the website.

An optimum bounce rate is the one that most of the visitors who visited the website took time to have a tour of the website. The range should be considered between 26-40%. Anything above this is considered negative a threat to the website ranking on Google.

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5. Ways To reduce Bounce Rate

1. Create SEO Engaging Content

A SEO engaging content is the best strategy to reduce bounce rate. Firstly, know l your searchers intent. Test it on Moz app and Semrush to know it is performance.

Hence creating content that is not less than 600 words. The content should contain all SEO requirements. From transition words to active words. By making an engaging content it will increase engagement and reduce bounce rate.

2. Add a lot of Links to increase reading time

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Adding relevant links makes readers to glue their eyes to your content. It makes them inquisitive and wants to search for more. It also helps to increase your reading time and reduce bounce rate.

3. Remove dormant pages

Pages that you don’t write much in becomes dormant ones. It further increase bounce rate as there are less or no content inside it. If you want to reduce your website bounce you will have to do two things. Either you update the pages by writing more or you delete the pages causing the voice rate. Similar pages can also be merged.

4.Improve Your Website Loading time

Bounce rate can be reduced if you improve your website loading time. This can be achieved by using plugins like lazy loads. It improves your load time and also reduce and resize images.

In addition to that, you can also clean all I want images on your site that makes it heavy and slow to load. Furthermore, you can check for broken links. Fix it or delete it. Lastly, call your website service providers. They play a very important role in making your website load time to increase.

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5. Make Your Content More Visible for Website Visitors

In order to make your content visible for visitors, you will have to increase your don’t size. A good professional theme comes with these accessible features. There are many good WordPress themes that offers such visibility to all categories of people. Either a visitor has a sight problem or not, don’t size becomes visible. Examples of such themes are the elegant themes, Jannah themes e.t.c.

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