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5 Things BBNG Angel Revealed After Reading Her DM

Picture Courtesy Angel Smith Social Media Handles

5 Things BBNG Angel Revealed After Reading Her DM. The beautiful former housemate had the opportunity to slide into her direct messages on social media and she made a lot of revelations. See details below.

Angel Smith was one of the most fancinating Big Brother Niger Shine Your Eyes. In addition to that, she brought a lot of drama into the show which helped to spice up the reality show. Angel was termed the bad girl and was flirting with almost all the guys that came her way.

Surprisingly, Angel is just 21. She call her gangs the “A21”. Angel represent the youth and they gave her their massive support. At that tender age, Angel was able to use her tactics to make her go into the finals. With little or no experience, Angel used her initiative to make her scale to the finals. Although she gathered a lot of bad blood. But she remained resolute and committed to her cause.

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BBNG Angel Almost Got Evicted For This Reason

The BBNG bad girl almost got evicted. This was after she showed her nakedness on National TV. Many had termed her action as immoral and formed an ally to evict her.

It was timely video of her mother saved the situation. According to Angels mother, she begged viewers to spare and forgive her daughter. Furthermore, she sited her daughter’s actions as adolescent and immaturity.

Hence after the ranting and talking fans forgave her. Angel was able to dance her way to the finals and stand amongst the last 6 housemates standing. Although some fans had criticized the means through which she came to the finals.

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How Angel Came To Finals

A twist was made in the script which paved way for Angel to be inserted and scale through to the finals. Naturally, the person with the highest votes on eviction scale through. But to pave way for Angel, a double jeopardy was organised for Angel and Pere which brought Angel into the to final 6.

Nevertheless, Angel was a great act and we should encourage young people to take up the challenge in their careers. She stand for the youth and a source of inspiration to them.

Checkout The 5 Revelations Angel Made

1. Fans asked Angel on whether she will pursue a relationship with fellow housemate Cross or will go to her boyfriend. Angel replied that fans should shine their eyes. Well less glue our eyes to the media to get her latest gist.

2. Angel was asked on the secret of her Beauty. Angel told the fan that it was a girl’s thing and that every woman is actually beautiful.

3. One fan asked on whether she will come over to Tanzania and she gave a candid reply. Angel revealed that she hopes to visit Tanzania when she get deeper in her pocket. Meaning when she is financially boyant.

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4. The Big Brother Social Influencer was asked what she intend to do with her life after Big Brother Niger. Angel replied that she hopes to become alot. These include becoming a brand Influencers of different products.

In addition to that, Angel said she wants to develop her own mental health blog. Furthermore, she wants to create an her organization to help women. Angel also said she will open a saloon and spur centre. Lastly, she said she will go into film industry. Jack of all traits. I hope she is master of all.

5. When asked whether flirting with the male housemates was a strategy or cruise. Angel replied back that it was a cruise. She added by saying that any cruise that was thrown to her she took it. And all that happened was just about the cruising.

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Well Angel had positive feedback from her fans even after her misbehaviour. Indeed, she was center of attraction and made the show lively, interesting to watch and entertaining.

Angels Speaks About Bathing In Boys Bathroom

In related Interview, Angel also made a shocking revelation. Angel is one controversial youngster. She is adventurous and daring.

She was virtually the most confident female housemate on the BBNG Shine Your Eyes edition 2021. You might wonder why Angel did a lot of things. Some consciuously or ignorantly.

During a recent Interview, Angel has shed lights on why she bathed together with the boys. According to Angel, she wasn’t the shy type and was confident in her body. And that bathing with the boys wasn’t a big deal.

Furthermore, the BBNG S6 finalist also affirmed that the girls were a little shy to do that. Moreover, she has a good relationship with the boys. In her words Angel said-

“I went through a lot of time before being nominated. I also figured it was because of me being close to the guys in the house. So I decided to get closer to each one of them.”

” I’m comfortable in my body as I don’t ascribe my values to my physical looks. I showered with the boys in the bathroom because they said it is a communal bathroom and every other girl were shy.” Angel reveals.”

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