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40 Models In Dubai Might Face 6 Month Imprisonment Or Pay Fine of $1800

40 model in Dubai Might face 6 Month Imprisonment or pay fine of $1800 for posing nude. Indecent dressing has become popular in the hands of young people nowadays.

Many of these women who indulge in the act, are emulating superstars and models. Since most of the models, usually wear revealing clothes for film shootings.

Others wear indecent dressing because they feel nakedness is part of civilization. The trend of wearing indecent dressing has become so prominent and pronounced that even in high institution’s campuses it’s being practiced.

In the western part of the world, wearing revealing clothes is more popular. Conservative Muslim world and in Africa frown on it.

Dubai has strick laws on nudity and sexual conduct. The United Arab Emirates (,UAE) has strick laws on sexual public nudity and sexual conduct. Kissing in public without a valid pass can land you in jail.

Indecent dressing is an act of wearing revealing cloths that shows sensitive areas and body parts of a person. Many of these women who indulged in it, attribute it to freedom, fashion and modelling. They want people to allow them do whatever they want.

Dubai police recently arrested about 40 young women between the age bracket of 18-25 years old. The women are said to be shooting a porn film. The act of the women has been forwarded to the Dubai public prosecutors for further action. According to the police statement, the act of the women “do not reflect the values and ethics of the Emirate”

The women posing naked on a balcony ready for shooting porn film. Picture courtesy www.news.com.au

According to The laws of the United Arab Emirates, the women are liable to 6 months imprisonment or pay the some of $1800 dollars as fine. The offence is termed as violating public decency laws which includes nudity and lewd behaviors.

The models were first spotted in the balcony of a skyscraper. The women were all naked and we’re said to be posing outside for a publicity stunt by the National News Papers. The news was first shared by the Sun papers and reposted by news.com.au

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