3 Steps To Make Your Articles Rank On Google Using SEO

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3 Steps To rank Your articles quickly on Google using SEO. Making your article rank on Google can be tedious to new blogger. He goes about searching for tricks and ends up coming back to the starting point.

Many new bloggers have decided to quit blogging just because they find blogging not profitable. This because their articles failed to rank on google.

So to rank your website. We are going to do 3 steps to rank your articles on Google using SaEO. Be patient as you go through the article thoroughly while assimilating the content.

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To create the content, we’re going to do 4 steps

Step 1: Find what people are searching for

In order to create the content, first you need to know what the people are searching on google related to your website or business. This means the searchers intent. There aresre many tolls that provides such statistics like the Moz SEO tool or googles analytics dashboard.

Now just search something on google related to your business & you will get related suggestions next to it. Use these suggestions are the terms, what people mostly search on google.

Step 2: Choose the users, you want to reach .

Each suggested result from your search term is a set of the users you want to reach. You need to choose a term searched by the people as your topic.

Step 3: Find out what the users might be looking for.

After choosing the set of users based on the search term they are looking for, now you need to find and understand what really that particular user is looking for.

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Step 4: Create your SEO Content.

Now that you know what the users are searching, the next item you need is to answer that with your content.

So to create the content. A SEO content that can rank on google. Make sure that your content contains more active words than passive words. In addition to that, make sure it is error free and easy to read. Break down your paragraph to simple ones for easy understanding.

Go to WordPress Dashboard ► Posts ► Add New

Now enter the title, content, images etc which solves the users’ needs & publish it. Once you’ve created the content, you can go to the next part. 2: TO MAKE YOUR CONTENT, APPEAR GOOD ON GOOGLE SEARCH RESULT.


The second Steps To Make Your Articles Rank On Google Using SEO is to make it good in google search. Once your site gets indexed and your article appears on search results. It start to rank.You can see your title, link to your post & description on google.

If the link of your page is unclear or not readable with some random characters and text you can format it. Edit it to the one that Google search engine can recognize it.

You can do that by changing the permalink which will make your site URL’s look good. And also perform better in google search results.

Now if you look at your description on google, it shows the content which you’ve added in post.

You need to install the ‘Yoast SEO’ or “RankMath” plugin in your WordPress site. This in order to assist in making your article to quickly get index and to also rank on Google.

The SEO tools gives you suggestions and options for titles. It also gives your recommendations.

You will get some new options from ‘Yoast SEO’ or “Rank Math” in your edit page. Now click ‘Edit Snippet’ and write your own description which you want to display on google.

After successfully making our site looking good on the Google search results. To help Google, find your site & it’s content, we need to share our website details with Google.

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We are going to do this in 3 steps.

Step 1: Install ‘Site Kit by Google’ plugin.

Step 2: Setup the plugin.

Once you’ve installed the plugin, click ‘Start Setup’ to setup the plugin. Sign In with google & click ‘My Dashboard’ to see your website is successfully connected with Google.

Step 3: Tell Google about all the pages you’ve on your website.

In order to inform Google about your posts/content, we need to submit a ‘sitemap’.To get the sitemap, let’s go to WordPress Dashboard ► SEO ► Features. Click on the question mark next to XML sitemaps.lick ‘see XML sitemap’ to get the sitemap with all the links of your pages on your site. In addition to that copy the sitemap link on your browser & paste it in Google Search Console.

After you publish new content, it will be automatically added to your sitemap. So this is how you can tell Google, about the pages you have on your website.

Now you’ve optimized your website for ranking on google. So when the user searches for your website or your posts,

Your website will appear in search results.So that’s it! this is how you can rank your website for google.

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