3 Amazing Benefits of Reciting Suratul Nas Falaq and Iklas

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3 amazing benefits of reciting suratul ahar, Falaq and Nas. The Qur’an was sent to mankind as a light and guidance. It comprises of many healing secrets and benefits. Have you ever wonder the the immense importance of reciting the three surahs above. Follow us as we unveiled importance of the surahs.

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1. It Protects and Keep Person From Evil Spirit

Every morning, the Muslim faithful is expected to recite the surah 3 times morning before sleeping, to be protected and keep a person away from evil influence. This is a free means of protecting yourself. You Don’t need to visit any cleric to seek for protection. But do you it directly at the comfort of your home.

Abu Dawud and Thirmidhi has reported that Abdullahi Bin Khubait(may Allah be pleased with them) reported that messenger of Allah(May Allah be pleased with him) saying that read Suratul Iklas, Nas and Falaq which are called AlMu’awizatan(the surahs of protection) 3 times at dawn and at dusk. The Prophet said it will suffice in all aspects. The Hadith is a good Hadith.

This means that every morning if you recite the surah, one doesn’t need any rememberance of Allah as it is enough to protect and guide you. In another Hadith the prophet said while lying down to sleep he used to recite the surah by blowing it three times on his palm and then run his entire body with it.

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Islam:Mufti Menk Advises Muslims on Ways To Avoid Heart Diseases

2. It Serves as Protection AGAINST Devil, Evil and Witchcraft

In Suratul Nas and Falaq, Allah made mentioned of protection against the devil, evil, mankind, witchcraft and wicked people. The surahs talks about jealousy and darkness of the night.

So if you want to be protected from the evil of mankind, spirits and the evil eye then form a habit of reciting the surah constantly. At least read it morning and even thrice. But you can increase your recitations like after every Salat. It is among the shortest surahs. But contains powerful protection for mankind.

Islam:Mufti Menk Advises Muslims on Ways To Avoid Heart Diseases

You can add the Suratul Iklas to complete it. If you desire you can also add Ayatul Qursiyu. If you recite the following surahs you will create a boundary between you and evil plotters. It be a sort of metal wall for you against evil of any kind.

So lets create a moment of our lives which won’t be more than five minutes to creat protection against jinns, evil eye, black magic and sorcery. Insha Allah if we are vigilant in reciting the surahs, we will save ourselves from evil here and from hellfire in the hereafter.

3. It is A Means Of Repelling and Removing any Spell Casted On a Muslim

The surahs can be used to remove a spell casted on a Muslim. According to a Hadith of Aisha radiyallahu Anha, she narrated about a certain Jewish servant of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. In the Hadith the Jewish servant took the hair of the prophet casted some evil spirits and charms and threw it inside the well.

Two Angels were sent to the prophet. They revealed the magic and the name of the person who casted the spell. Suratul Nas and Falaq were revealed. It has a total of eleven verses. Each verse when recited by the prophet helps to release one strang of hair ties to the rock. Until the prophet recited the whole surahs. Prophet Muhammad thereafter released from the spell casted on his 11 string of air tied 11 pieces of corn tied to a rock.

The casting of spell was meant to make the prophet to become forgetful and sick. Allah SWA revealed the Surah to repelled the magic casted on the prophet.

This event happenned in order to create the Muslim Umma to the evil of sorcerers. And how mankind can protect themselves in order not to be affected. The prophet serves as an example to the Muslims. Allah SWA make him go through certain difficulties so that it will serve as a means of solving a problems to the Muslims.

May Allah continue to bless and protect us in all our endeavors. What are your views?Are you affected or suffering from spiritual influence, then the habit of making the surahs to be part of our family life. Recite it morning and night or more frequently to serve as a protection to you against evil.

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References the Holy Quran, Hadith

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