18 signs of Judgement day 1-6 are already happening

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18 signs of the Judgement day. 1-6 are already happening. The judgement day is day of resurrection. It is a day where all people will converged on one ground waiting for the judgement of Allah. It’s also the called Ayyaumul Kiyama. On that day, only our good deeds will save us.

What Will Happen On The Judgement Day

The judgement day, is a day that child will not recognized his parents. It’s also day that a pregnant woman will give birth to a child premature. In addition to that, it would be a day where a slave will give birth to her mistress. This would happen due to the tension, intensity of anxiety occuring on the day.

According to a Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad SAW related by At-Tirmidhi, he mentioned about some of the happenings of the day. The Hadith stated they on the judgement day, the feet of a servant will not move. Infact until he is asked about his life and how he spent it.

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Apparently, he will be asked about his his knowledge and how he acted upon it. Furthermore, he will be also asked about his wealth and how he spent it. And lastly he will be asked on his body and how he used it.

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What Every Muslim Should Know

Every Muslim is expected to know that Allah SWA created us only in order to worship Him. Whatever worldly gratification we get is set us ready to worship our creator. It is also meant to provide us with the enabling environment for worship. This is the main reason Allah said in the Holy Quran that “I didn’t create neither man or Jinn only because I wanted them to worship me.”

18 Signs of The Day of Resurrection

Before the coming of the day of resurrection. There are many signs that will come to pass. We selected the most prominent signs mentioned in the Quran and Hadith. See 18 signs of the day of resurrection. 1-6 are already happening.

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1. People will be speaking evil of other’s ancestors

2. Wearing of clothings that shows off the body.

3. People will be disappearing

4. Homosexuality

5. No more stars in the sky.

6. People will be building tall houses

8. The appearance of Dhajjal

7. The appearance of Imam Mahdi

9. The decending of Prophet Isah (A.S) to the world.

10. The rising of the sun from west after which the doors of forgiveness will be closed.

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11. The Dabbat Al-Ard will emerge from the ground and will mark all the true Muslims.

12. There will be forty days of fog,that will mill all the true believers so that they do not have to experience the other signs.

13. A hug fire will cause destruction

14. Destruction of the Kaabah

15. The writing in the Quran will disappear

16. The trumpet will be blown the first and all animals and unbelievers left will die and all mountains and buildings crumble.

17. The second time the trumpet will be blown,all of Allah’s creation will resurrect and meet on the plains of Arafat for their judgement.

18. The sun will lower itself with earth.

The Prophet SAW said “whoever tells the message about the day of judgement,the Prophet Saw would make a way for him in Jannah on the day of judgement”.Please share the message.

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References Hadith and Quran

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