12 Medicinal Benefits of Using Lemon Juice

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12 medicinal benefits of using lemon. The Lemons fruit belongs to the Citrus family. The fruits are among the world’s most popular citrus fruits used and also has high content of vitamin C. Details below.

Lemon fruit also grow on lemon trees and are a hybrid of the original citron and lime. In addition to that, the fruit can be used on Salad, tea or even drank as a juice. Have you ever wonder about it’s medicinal benefits and nutritional content?. Follow us for more.

Furthermore, the lemon fruit is a specie of small evergreen tree in the flowering plant family Rutaceae. It originated from Asia, primarily Northeast India, Northern Myanmar or China. But mostly cultivated and found in all parts of the world. In addition to that, it is a delicacy for garnishing salads. It is also used as juice or in tea. The uses and benefits a of lemon fruit is countless. Indeed, It is a plant to be grown in every home.

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Kinds of Lemon Fruit

There are basically two kinds of lemons. These includes the sweet and acidic lemons. What makes it different is simple. If the lemon is sweet, it is said to contain no acidity in it. While the lemons are sweet limetta, sweet lime, and Mediterranean Sweet Lemon. It derived it name due to the sweet lemon taste it has . In addition to that, the peel has a huge amount of lemon oil. Checkout More about lemon below.

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Types of Lemon Avalon Lemons.

1. Bearss Lemons. Botanical Name: Citrus latifolia

2. Botanical Name: Avon.

3. Buddha’s Hand Lemons. Botanical Name: Citrus medica var.

4. Baboon Lemons. Botanical Name: Citrus.

5. Bush Lemons. Botanical Name: Citrus limon jambhiri.

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6. Citron Lemons. Botanical Name: Citrus medica.

7 .Dorshapo Botanical Name: Eureka Lemons

12 Medicinal Benefits of using Lemon Juice

1. It improves your skin texture.

2. A Good source of Vitamin C.

3. It Promotes Hydration.

4. It helps in reducing weight.

5. Good remedy for aiding digestion.

6. It helps to prevent kidney stone.

7. It reduces and sooth cough.

8. It freshens the breath.

9. It cleanses the body system.

10. It helps in boosting your immune. system

11. Excellent Source of Potassium.

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