12 Health Benefits of Coconut Oil To Body and Skin

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12 Health Benefits of Coconut Oil to body and skin

The Coconuts are naturally big in size. The fruit has very hard shell. In addition to that, the inside comprises of the white soft flesh containing the coconut water.

Furthermore, Coconut is a fruit that derives from the family Arecaceae. It has the botanical name Cocos nucifera. It is the only living specie of the genus cocoa. The coconut can also be termed to be a versitile fruit. It also comprises of the coconut milk, oil or water. The nutritional content of coconut goes like this.

1. Water: 36.3 ml per 100 g

2. Protein: 4.5 g per 100 g

3.Fat: 41.6 g per 100 g

4. Fiber: 3.6 g per 100g

Origin of Coconuts

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Coconut are said to have originated from Indo Malaya. They are also amongst the most important trees found in the tropics. In West African, especially Nigeria, Coconut are mostly found within the riverine areas. Furthermore, the coconut like to grow in Tropical and warm subtropical regions.

11 Types and Varieties of Coconut Fruit

There are many types and variety of coconut. But we selected the 11 most common ones available. Details below

1.Malayan Yellow Dwarf Coconut.

2.Fiji Dwarf Coconut

3. West Coast Tall Coconut.

2. East Coast Tall Coconut.

3. Maypan Coconut.

4. Tiptur Tall Coconut.

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5. Orange Dwarf Coconut.

6. Green Dwarf Coconut.

7. King Coconut.

8. VHC1 Coconut .

9. East Coast Tall Coconut.

10. Macapuno Coconut.

11. Green Dwarf Coconut.

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How To Make Coconut Oil

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Ingredients and Tools Needed

1. A round big Coconut fruit

2. Warm Water

3. A Bowl

4. A Knife or Sharp object to Chop the Coconut

5. A blender or morter

6. Piston

7. Grater.

8. Siever

Procedure in Making Coconut Oil at Home

1. Use the Piston or any strong object to hit the coconut back softly for one or two minutes. This helps to soften th back. It also help in removing the flesh quickly.

2. Break the nut of the coconut a bit and use your knife or sharp object to peel the hard back off. What we have is a round flesh. Break it and release the water.

3. Use a grater to chop the fruit into smaller pieces. If you have a blended you can blend it. In the absence of a blender, use a morter to pound it into more softer and smaller pieces.

5. Pour into the bowl and use a Siever to remove the chaff while the milk is kept for the next stage. Make sure you add warm water while sieving.

6. Lastly, cover the milk and allow the oil to settle overnight. Your coconut oil will rise up while the milk will settle downwards. This mean your coconut oil is ready for use. If you have fridge you can easily store in it to stay overnight before collecting the oil. To help in frozening the milk and to also seperate the milk from the oil.

7. Carefully pour the oil into another bowl while the milk remains down. You can use the milk to make Coconut juice.

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12 Health Benefits of Coconut Oil To Body and Skin

1. Revitalizes and energizes the body on waking up.

2. Improves heart health.

3. Improves skin HEALTH and prevents premature aging.

4. A good remedy for insomnia.

5. Helps in weight loss by suppressing the appetite.

6. Burns fats and retains muscle mass.

7. Provides relief from stomach related problems.

moisturizing dry skin,including in people with conditions such as eczema.

8. It helps in educing inflammation, that may result from UVB rays.

9. It is a good remedy for promoting in helping of healing of wounds.

10. It is a good antibacterial, antifungal. It also have antiviral properties.

11. It helps in reducing of seizures.

12. It helps in promoting a healthy hair by protecting it.

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