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10 Types of Men That Women Shouldnt Fall in Love or Marry

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10 Types of Men Women that Shouldn’t Fall in Love or Marry. Love is a natural phenomenon. It brings joy and happiness. But marrying the wrong person can also bring sadness to our lives forever. Checkout 10 types of men that women shouldn’t dare to choose as their partners or lovers. Details below.

1. Drunkard

A drunkard is a person that drinks too much alcohol. He doesn’t have limit. All a drunkard does is to drink until he goes off and becomes intoxicated.

Firstly, a woman shouldn’t fall in love with a drunkard because he is the devil’s man’s workshop. A drunkard is bound to commit many crimes. In addition to that, A drunkard can womanise, steal, and lie. Furthermore, a drunkard can also be dangerous because he can decide to be wild and beat up his wife.

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Another reason why a woman shouldn’t be with a drunkard is because he is not a good manager of his finances. Taking care of a family involves a lot of money. It comes with so much responsibilities. These includes paying of the rent, family expenses. It also involves taking care of wife and children which includes all the family needs. A drunkard cannot with to these family requirements due to his reckless spending on alcohol.

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2. Liar

A liar is a person that doesn’t tell the truth. In fact he has the reputation of not telling the truth. If a woman falls in love with a liar, then her happiness is compromised. The woman will become regretful and sad for the whole rest of her live.

A person that lies, can give a false image of everything. This includes his family background. Many women will marry for a rich family, only to find out that the family background, wealth and affluent was all a fairy tales. Such marriages would never the last the taste of time. The person that lies can even rent a family to impressed the woman.

Furthermore, a liar can create an impression that he has a good job while he was just lying. Many women who marry for the stability of a man’s job would be demoralised when they find out that they were lied about the whole job.

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3. Man That Doesn’t Love you

Love is when two people admired each other. People in love also have feelings for each other. True love cannot be contested. It comes naturally. So it’s important that we marry or fall in love with men that loves us.

Moreso when a man doesn’t love a woman he doesn’t care about her wellbeing and happiness. The woman isn’t his responsibility, priority or problem. All the man does is to push the woman to be psychologically down. He degrades her and make her loose value for herself. Such behavior makes the woman to seek for her man’s love by all means. The woman gives money, clothes and gift just for seeking attention and the love of her man.

Women who live with men that don’t love them, end up miserable for the rest of their lives. Some had gone into prostitution just to cater for their men’s needs. Others have become drug peddlers and users. It’s just too bad to fall for a man that doesn’t adore or value our love. It is being said that to be forewarned is to be forarmed.

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4. Reckless with Finances

What would a woman be doing with man that is always broke, and reckless with his finances. These type of men buy and or go for things that are not necessary and important. What is the used of buying another car when you have one or two at home which you barely use?. This is the routine of a reckless spender who goes of items he doesn’t actually need.

A man that is reckless with his finances can destroy his relationship or marriage. The reason is because he incures unnecessary expenditure that can destroy the home. The reckless man lives above his means. Some are just too lousy with their spendings. Others might just be that they don’t hàve the financial discipline.

So if you need to look for a life partner or lovers, don’t go for the man that is reckless with his finances. The man might end up using your hard-earned money to fuel his unrealistic lifestyle.

5. A Womanizer

A womanizer is a person that goes after any woman. As long as she has the feminine features, he is out to get her. The womaniser doesn’t have preferences for women. Furthermore, the womanizer man goes for anything in skirt. Be it old, young or average. What the womaniser wants is just a female and that’s all.

I don’t think any woman will want to cope with constant fights with her spouse or man’s because of womanizer habit. The headache would be too much. The pain will also be intense. Only if you don’t truly love him. If you want to fall in love, stay away from a womaniser.

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6. Greedy and Self Centered Man

Greediness is an act of being selfish. It also a means of getting or acquring more than what one needs. Self centeredness on the other hand, is when a person is only concerned about he or herself only. These two items go hand in hand.

Mostly, men are considered bread winners of the home. The men take care of thei families and finances. A greedy and self centered man does the contrary. He is only concerned about himself. In the greedy man’s thoughts he is first and others follow. Not even his family can stand against his perception. The greedy and self centered man doesn’t care about his family or love but just himself.

Whenever you are in a relationship and noticed that the man doesn’t care about the feelings of others, stay away. He is not ready to make a sacrifice, stay away or you end up being the breadwinner.

7. A Gambler

The act of gambling is a means of betting or staking of something of value. This is the intent or consciousness of risk. The gambler also hopes to gain on the outcome of the game, a contest, or an uncertain event he staked. Furthermore, the result may be determined by chance or accident. It might also have an unexpected result by reason of the bettor’s miscalculations.

There are many types of gambling. These includes Casino, lotteries and many more. A gambler always focuses on winning. But most a times he looses. In the olden days, there were stories of men who have used their wives and family as a bet. That is how dangerous gambling is. The gambler might win and earn plenty money. But at the run end, majority are always fail and become broke. This is because the stakes are high on loosing. No matter how much they win they eventually loose.

Women should stay away from gamblers because they might lead them uncertain futures. No matter how big gamblers win, they can also loose everything.

8. Proud

Men that are proud always have pleasure and happiness over their achievements. They also believe that they are the ones that are blessed. The proud man also thinks others can make it or achieve their objectives. The proud man is an opinionist. He always shows high opinion and himself.

A man that is proud of only himself, cannot be a good lover. He will not aprreciate your love and achievements. The proud man needs comes first and others follow. The bad thing about it is that the man doesn’t see his fault but can spot others shortcomings. So, if a woman needs motivation, stay away from a proud man. Because he only thinks of himself and no one else.

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The arrogant man’s has the worst quality as a lover or spouse. He is extremely insulting in nature. The proud man doesn’t feel others can achieve but himself. In addition to that, the proud man believes he is the best in everything. And that he is better, smarter and more important than others. Who wants to be belittled by someone? I believe definitely no.

Staying away from arrogant men can do women wonders in choosing a life partner. Every person wants to be motivated. So if you need someone that can appreciate you and won’t destroy you psychology, then don’t go for an arrogant man.

10. A drug Addict

A drug addict is a person that is used to taking hard drugs. For example alcohol marijuana,Indian hemp and many more. No matter how harmful they are to his health, he continues to consume them. A woman should avoid drug addicts in order not to become part of the gang.

Many of woman had unconsciously become drug addicts due to the influence of their mates. A man that is on drugs should go to the rehabilitation centres before deciding to have him as a life partner. Drug addition is bad and becoming common nowadays. This is due to environmental factors, social factors, peer group and bad choices in relationships e.t.c.

Lastly, making the right choice is important. It defined our happiness in the future. Make the right choice at the right time before regretting it.

The writer took examples out daily experiences occurrences. Her assertions might be right out wrong. But in most cases it has been proven to be right. Read and make your choices. No what you want, who you want to associate and what will benefit you.

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