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10 Latest Pictures of Kannywood actress Momee Gombe

Momee Gombe

10 Latest pictures of Kannywood actress Momee Gombe. The beautiful actress, is becoming the most sourced dancer in the Kannywood industry. Momee Gombe is beautiful,industrious, talented and skillful.

Momee Gombe’s real names are Maimuna Abubakar. These days we just have to possessed two more skills, to be able to stand out this competitive world

Momee Gombe’s past is a very motivating one. The actress got married as a teenager. According to the actress, to her it was a marriage conducted out of love. Momee Gombe said she thought she had a life partner. But her perceptions were cut short, after her husband gave a divorce. That was less than 30 days into the marriage.

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Momee Gombe said, she never felt demoralised or dejected in life than when she was divorce. The actress explained to Hausa TV that what pained her most was his no concrete reason for the divorce. Not even the pleas of her family was enough for him to give a concrete reason for his sudden divorce.

Momee Gombe thought her life was destroyed and cut short. The actress also explained that she was psychologically disturbed.

Momee Gombe lamented on how her love life was cut short. Momee was also not happy to live with the phobia of being a divorcee at a very young age. The actress is just 23 years old presently.

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According to Momee Gombe, it was weeks of sorrows and deliberation after her divorce. The actress was thinking on how to better her life and to start all over again. Momee Gombe then decided to become an actress since she loves acting and was also a good dancer.

Momee Gombe joined the Kannywood wood industry in 2019. Momee Gombe didn’t just excel in her career but became an icon. The actress started small. Dancing was her first niche.

Momee Gombe needed the popularity from her dancing skills, to excel as an actress. Momee Gombe’s musical video with Hamisu Breaker was her stepping stone. The music sold her off and she became so famous.

Pictures of Momee Gombe

After her musical video with Hamisu Breaker, Momee Gombe decided to test her acting skills. The film that brought the actress was the film Kishin Mata. Since then Momee Gombe has been combining dancing and acting. The actress is successful in both niche. It pays to be hardworking and also skillful.

Latest Updates About Momee Gombe

Momee Gombe is presently in the premiered series sitcom called “Rayuwata”. The film discusses about the lifestyle of a very young woman(Momee Gombe). The challenges she encountered on the process of trying uplift her life status. And also how the actress was able to overcome all the challenges she did faced along the lane.

Momee Gombe 2022 Pictures

Momee Gombe is a very beautiful woman. The actress/dancer is a very active and social influencer. Momee Gombe accords for a very large fan base. The beautiful talented actress always update her gallery with beautiful pictures. We selected 15 Latest pictures of Momee Gombe below. Checkout the beautiful pictures.

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Musical video featuring Momee Gombe below.

Pictures Momee Gombe Social Media Handles

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